Vice President


Vice President – Verena Alschinger


⊗old information (Board 17/18). Will be updated soon 🙂

Age: 19Degree course: Political science, European economic studiessemester: 3rd

What does AEGEE mean to you?

AEGEE is an opportunity to explore the diversity in Europe in many different fields, ranging from politics to languages. In spite of all the diversity within Europe and within AEGEE, we still manage to keep a network from Portugal to Central Russia, because we know that we all have a lot in common as students and as people. In practise, it also provides the fun opportunity to learn the word for ‘cheers’ in all European languages!How did you join AEGEE-Bamberg?

My best friend in the Netherlands Joyce told me about how she discovered this amazing student organisation in Groningen. Turns out AEGEE is also active in Bamberg, so I joined some fellow students to check it out. I sticked with AEGEE and it’s now part of my daily life 

What’s your target? To work for a Europe in which the diversity of all nations is accepted and being cherished.

Personal AEGEEan motto: Making diversity work

Best Gossip: gossip virgin, sorry