Treasurer – Marina Rüth

Age: 20

Degree course: International Business Administration

What does AEGEE mean to you?

Aegee is a mind-set Young people get this amazing opportunity to travel across Europe, strengthen mutual understanding and take an active role in society. I love that people with diffrent cultural backgrounds have something in common that they are passionate about: The vision of a a young, liberal and borderless Europe!

How did you join AEGEE-Bamberg? 

I took part in a SU information night and was so fascinated about AEGEE as an organisation and the people who presented it that I decided to stay and join!

What’s your target?

A competent and good collaboration with the board is very important to me, as well as furthering the connecting of Aegee Bamberg to other antennas and the european level.

Personal AEGEEan motto

Strangers are sometimes just unknown friends.