Treasurer – Marina Rüth

⊗old information (Board 17/18). Will be updated soon 🙂

Treasurer – Lars Pfeiffer

Age: 25

Degree course: philosophy & languages

Semester: 6

What does AEGEE mean to you?

AEGEE for me means to take actively part in that version of Europe we can create for tomorrow.

How did you join AEGEE-Bamberg? Last semester, on an usual Monday morning at university, I met the former president of our Antennae and after excitingly talking about Aegee‘s local activities and their contribution to the European idea he invited me to join an Aegee meeting at the very same day.

What’s your target?

To learn as much as possible about the world’s diverse countries and its people to ensure common understanding, to grow better relations and to overcome frontiers.

Personal AEGEEan motto

Understanding between diversity.

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