PR – Responsible


PR-Responsible – Ozan Tunali

⊗old information (Board 17/18). Will be updated soon 🙂

PR-Responsible – Anne Kautzschmann

Age: 23

Degree course: Geography and German to become a teacher

semester: 8

What does AEGEE mean to you? 

So much! The possibility to foster the idea of Europe makes me feel to contribute something for the future of Europe. Supporting AEGEE suffuses me with happiness. To my mind it’s essentially that especially young people are active to shape the future of the European Commission. And at least of course I enjoy travelling , making new friends all over Europe.

How did you join AEGEE-Bamberg? 

My roommate put the AEGEE – spell on me

What’s your target?

Trying to present our antenna in a proper light and to cross as much borders as I can.

Personal AEGEEan motto 

United in diversity without prejudices

Best Gossip

“Anne, you missed your chance again tonight.” my answer: “If you don’t tell me directly that you want to hook up with me I don’t get it, sorry