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WHY Joining us?

Europe concerns everybody. What could be better than being part of strenghtening Europe as a borderless, democratic and tolerant company associating our visions and missions with awesome travels, exciting events and getting to know people from all over Europe?

—Relating serious stuff like saving Europe with fun!—


As a member of AEGEE-Bamberg you can get active in our local work. Our biggest projects are constituted of caring for Erasmus-students and organizing thematic events. Two of our most famous events are the Erasmus-parties and Karaoke-evenings where not only exchange students, but everybody who is interculturally interested is pretty welcome. Read more HERE for Erasmus 

Furthermore as an active member you have the opprtunity to join in various  AEGEE-Events (Summer Universities, Network Meetings, Conferences, Trainings, Intercultural Exchanges) all over Europe with different topics: political, social, economic oder just fun.

We promise you, you will gain various perspectives on Europe and you will gather a lot unforgettable memories.


Just visit us on one of our weekly meetings or send an e-mail to:

We are happy to welcome any new member!

For the upcomming wintersemster you can find us mondays, 8pm in KR12/00.16 – See you there!

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Willkommen bei AEGEE