Human Resources


HR – Maria Schneider

Age: 22

Degree course: Communication and Slavic Studies

What does AEGEE mean to you?

It means getting to know amazing people from all over Europe, who later become great teammates and friends, with whom you can create and make the changes you want to see in your local city as well as in whole Europe!

How did you join AEGEE-Bamberg?

I moved to Bamberg in 2017 for my studies and joined AEGEE with a friend of mine, who now happens to be our Secretary, because I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet new people and to visit great events in different countries. But when I experienced my first european Event a few month later, I learned what AEGEE is really about and finally stayed for the AEGEEan spirit.

What’s your target?

I want to create a great local, where everybody feels welcome, and which is always welcomed in all over Eruope. Apart from that, improving myself and grow with the responsebilities I have as a board-member are my biggest targets. AEGEE-Bamberg is a big part of my life and I want it to be one of the best experiences I make during my time at university.

Personal AEGEEan motto 

Some call it Europe, we call it home.

Best Gossip

Sorry, what happens at AEGEE, stays at AEGEE. 😉