Human Resources

⊗old information (Board 17/18). Will be updated soon 🙂


HR – Vanessa Kunze

Age: 21
Degree course: Sociology
semester: 3rd

What does AEGEE mean to you?
In everyday life it means to me: meeting with great people every week and having a good time with them by planning our next event. But more importantly, it means people to become your teammates, your friends, no matter if we talk about locals or international friendships!

How did you join AEGEE-Bamberg?
I always have been interested in different cultures and countries and wanted to see as much as possible from the world, which probably is the reason, why I worked as a flight attendant.

When I started to study, I didn´t want to stop connecting to people from all over the world/Europe, so AEGEE was the perfect opportunity for this!

What’s your target?
My target is to grow with AEGEE. Not only in knowledge, but also in softskills and connections. I want to create a network, where everyone feels welcome. And when the time comes that I have to leave, I want to feel like joining AEGEE was one of my best decisions, because I had great moments.

Personal AEGEEan motto 
The only thing borders are good for, is to overcome them!

Best Gossip
What happens at AEGEE, stays in AEGEE, so if you want to know: Join us!