how to survive in Bamberg

how to find a bike:

You think that as you finally arrived in Bamberg, opened your bank account, found a flat, got your student’s card, made your time table, drank the first beer, found your first company all your problems are solved? Ha, you’re wrong. One of the first things you will realize is, that if you have your classes in the city centre, but you live for example in the “Pestheim”, then you might have a problem. Of course there are busses, but in a small town such as Bamberg to go by bus isn´t the best choice. Particularly, if you´d like to be flexible instead of walking hours until you have arrived home at night, tired and annoyed, but lucky that you didn’t end up sleeping in a backstreet.

The best way to stay mobile within Bambergs streets is – you probably suspected it – a bike. There are many bikeways here, some pedestrians might even think that bikers are more respected on the streets than them. So, if you also want to join the clan of annoying bikers and feel the real vibes of Bamberg’s air blowing into your face while you are nearly flying through the roads on your throne, you´ve got cheap opportunities as far as the eye can reach.

Bamberg’s people love to sell their old stuff for a small amount of money in various online portals. This could be useful for you not only for bikes but for all kinds of stuff.

For example you might already know e-bay Kleinanzeigen, there you can choose between several offers and pick the right choice out of different bikes.

If you like to rummage a little bit, you could use the facebook groups as well because lots of people are used to sell their stuff through this platform. There you can also post directly if you need a bike, in a short time you will get many answers people offering you their bike for sure. Here are some examples of facebook groups selling things:

Not only in selling groups you can ask for a bike or for other kind of help:

– one of the biggest groups around Bamberg. Here you can find many things and services for free; but you might have less chance to get a bike here

– here you can ask students for help in any issues according the studies or student’s life in Bamberg

If you prefer to go to a shop, there is a second-hand shop for all kind of stuff in the Lichtenhaidestraße 7 (

Also, if you are fast enough, there is a bike auction every half a year:

We hope, the information above have been useful for you, feeling welcomed and supported in our beautiful town. Have a nice ride through our Bamberg and see ya on the streets!!!