How To Find A Bike

Whether you already live in Bamberg or are still looking for a suitable apartment – you will have already noticed: A bike is the fastest and most flexible means of transport in Bamberg.

There are regular auctions and there are countless bike shops offering rental or repairs. You should make sure that your bike has a bell and a working light, because the next police car could just stand behind the next corner … And that can be expensive!



+ Facebookgroup: Share and Care Bamberg: join this Facebookgroup and if you are lucky you will get a bike for free, or other things you may need.

+ Fahrradflohmarkt Bamberg: also one Facebookgroup

+ Studiumforum Uni Bamberg: Join this Facebookgroup because it’s very useful not only for finding a bike. Students often offer many things to buy if they finish their studies.

+ Website: Ebay-Kleinanzeigen: This online auction site is the best and also cheapest way to find a bike. Good luck!

+ Bike Auctions: Once a year bike auctions by the townhall in April take place. 


Bike house Griesmann
Obere Königsstraße 42
96052 Bamberg
Tel .: 0951 – 22967

Griesmann offers you a friendly service for all repairs and rents bikes for 9.50 Euro per day or 60 Euro per week.

Dratz bicycles
Pödeldorfer Straße 190
96050 Bamberg
Tel .: 0951 – 12 428

Dratz rents bicycles for 10 euros per day or 60 euros per week.

Der Radladen Bamberg NRG GmbH
Steinweg 4a
96050 Bamberg

Tel: 0951 – 57853

Our secret favorit. Repairs your bike very fast for a fair price.

The portal has a wide selection of different types of bicycles, and the largest offer in total with over 10,000 bikes. Focus is on mountain bikes (about 3,000). In addition, most children’s bikes (1,800). The location of the bike is displayed directly on a googlemap.
The choices are similar to dealmywheel, but there is a purchase advice by mail. Which frame size do I need, which bike is good for an alpine cross etc.? Details of the bikes are very detailed, so many technical data for the connoisseur.
Here is the selection in the currently around 5,000 wheels also quite good. Relatively many of them are mountain bikes. If you do not find the right one, pedal drive will also refer you to ebay offers.

Radhaus Bamberg am Bahnhof (bicycle parking garage) There you have the opportunity to park your bikes safely for 50 cents.
Cycling Guide Upper Franconia
Bike Guide Bamberg (PDF)