Erasmus – Responsible


Erasmus – Responsible – Kilian Seitz

⊗old information (Board 17/18). Will be updated soon 🙂

Erasmus – Responsible – Katharina Staschull

Age: 22

Degree course: English with the objective of becoming a teacher for primary school level

Semester: 7

What does AEGEE mean to you? 

As the motto “no borders, just people” already says, AEGEE connects people from different national, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Thus, it creates exactly what we need to fight racism, xenophobia and nationalism: a strong bond among these people. In my opinion, this is what makes AEGEE an amazing organisation I´m proud to be a member.

How did you join AEGEE-Bamberg? 

I was interested in being a tutor for the international students in Bamberg. When I met some tutors, they told me about AEGEE and that was when I decided I´d like to join.

What’s your target?

I´d like to strengthen the bonds between people all over Europe by organizing events for International Students to meet, have fun and create memories together.

Personal AEGEEan motto: No borders, just people.