Don’t Drink and Ride your Bike

Cycling whilst drunk: Getting caught cycling under the influence of alcohol (blood alcohol level must be under 0,5 promille) has serious implications in Germany. Not only can German authorities confiscate your driving license, they may also order an MPA (medical-psychological assessment). And you really don’t want to get stucked in this circle. If you fail to pass the MPA, the authorities are aloowed to automatically revoke your license. And good luck trying to get it back – it can take years (of therapy) before you get your license back

Traffic on the right: On mayor streets you must yield vehicles and bikes from the right. This is especially true on residential streets where arterials streets are rare. Another sign, shown below with a fat arrow in the direction of travel and two lines intersecting the fat arrow from the sides means that in this intersection only, you have the right-of-way. Of course you also should always stay cycling on the right side because getting caught cycling by the police on the left side implicates a high fine.