© Anne Kautzschmann

#Bambi around the magical world: On the mission to share magically best practices the PR-Responsible of AEGEE-Bamberg was hitting the road to Alicante school of witchcraft and wizardry to become one of the best wizards!

After packing Bambi, my always beloved and faithful chosen pet, I was ready to start the journey. In the following, I will share the experiences I enjoyed most according to the content and workshops and the NWM in general with you.

Now… to our new students, welcome; to our old ones, welcome back! A weekend full of magical education awaits you…

Opening Ceremony

© Alfonso Gracia Jornet and Juanqui Rodriguez Cases

At the central bus station of Alicante I already met the first wizards. Three Spanish people and one English (the English guy should stay the only non-Spanish for the next hours), brimming over with energy, entered the Hogwarts express with me on the way to Crevillente. And by Hogwarts express I meant the magical car that was arranged to pick us up by the lovely organizers.. My anticipation immediately increased. Will our accommodation be a hidden place with an amazing view over the whole city?

The organizers didn´t promise too much. When we had arrived an amazing view to overlook the whole city for the next four days welcomed me! And also some more amazing (Spanish) people welcomed me. Meanwhile the sorting hat decided that I’ll be sleeping in Hagrid’s hut with six other participants. Maybe because I’m very tall and …okay hairy is a bit exaggerated. However, it was great in Hagrid’s hut.

More Spanish people arrived and after some ice breaking games the opening ceremony started. A remarkable point is that every antenna had the chance to introduce their local (which made me feel really special since I was the only Bambi) and after tasting some magic potions the opening party started.

Sharing Best (Spanish) practices

The main reason why Network Meetings exists is to share best practices. The program provided us with a variety of options and this was definitely the part I liked most about this NWM! Why am I sharing best Spanish practices? Because me and six other participants (among 50 participants in total) were from not Spanish antennas. But this wasn´t a problem at all – actually it’s visible that people from one country are individualists for theirselves and it was interesting to see which things followed the same principle as A-Bamberg.

Recruitment: Quality or Quantity?

500 vs. 20 members – Active or non-active members, that’s the question.

One of the most debated topics during sharing best practices was recruitment. Dutch antennae count on their quantity of members whereas other small antennae focus on rather having few, but active members.

What’s the value of hundreds of members when they are non-active?”

– Saúl Furones

asked from A-Burgos, as a question of the statement: “Every antenna should guarantee a steady increase of their members in all possible ways.” And half of the participants uttered some approving murmurs as a reaction to Saúls reply. “It depends on which kind of members you want to have” the moderator tried to calm the heated-up discussion. In my mind it’s pretty difficult to answer this question. I also think that it depends on the conditions of every antenna, their kind of events and their purposes of the action agenda. For example, an antenna who promotes and focus on summer universities may have problems with active members when they want to organize a thematic event.

The wagging finger

Data privacy and copyright (also with Visual Identity standards) have been presented with an appearing wagging finger but it was good to remind us about these important points. I’ve learned within this session that one should keep in juridical conditions mind, especially before organizing an event. Yes, it’s annoying but sooo important to secure their antennae in terms of liability and personal rights.

Also to comply with the Visual Identity. I realized that it’s one of the keys to succeed e.g. in fundraising, raising publicity, etc. because it increases the memorability. Lorenzo Ligas, PRC member from A-Cagliari evaluated some graphics and gave hints about what to do or don´t according to VI-guidelines

What has Polyamory to do with AEGEE?

This was my first thought when I read the name of this workshop in the program. Well actually it’s easy. Polyamory is a big issue that is still stigmatized in our society.

Nobody should feel guilty or wrong because              one strives for a different relational model                    which doesn´t harm anyone.

The scales fell from my eyes. I caught myself having a lot of negative prejudices before this workshop. All the more I’m graceful that this workshop changed my mindset totally. Well, but what has Polyamory to do with AEGEE?

We also strive for a tolerant Europe without borders and equal opportunities. The existing stigma contains distinction to the supposed “normal” relational model. But there is no normal or abnormal model. We simply do not have the right to judge others. If we want to create equal rights it’s also necessary to discuss about polyamory.

Magic framework – magical AEGEE-Alicante

To put it a nutshell: The framework around this NWM was awesome! Nice motto, nice accommodation, nice food, and great icebreaking games. Good job AEGEE-Alicante!

I have to emphasize with the beginning of my journey. It’s not normal that you get picked up with a hogwartsexpress to the accommodation. There was a huge variety of good quality food that was always enough. I

have to share on activity of the social program which was called: “cabin crawl”. It was a game crawl where we had to move from cabin to cabin and in every hut there was a surprisingly different game. I had a lot of fun and all other participants, too. In the future I will definitely attend more events organized by A-Alicante and I can definitely recommend every AEGEEan events by AEGEE-Alicante 😉

written by: Anne Kautzschmann

23406081_1245390565566769_2306840773951968457_o (1)
©  Alfonso Gracia Jornet and Juanqui Rodriguez Cases

Bambi+Lia © David Blanco

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