Did we find our Thess-aurus?

Our trip started in Bamberg at 4 am. After ten hours of travelling by car, train, plane and eventually bus, we finally arrived in Thessaloniki.
Since we couldn’t see much of the city on our way to the hostel (and as it turned out neither at any other time during the NWM), we were glad to do a city tour right at the beginning. We explored the inner city with its ancient ruins and also went to the sea. There, with frapé in our hands, the sun shining on our skin and the endless sea in front of us, we immediately fell in love with the country.


Afterwards, we returned to the hostel and started to get to know each other through some games. The network meeting then officially started with an opening ceremony at the university, where we also had dinner later. The day ended with a sports theme party, which took place in a bar that opened exclusively for us.

After a short night, a day full of workshops dealing with topics like EU careers, the future of AEGEE and team management was waiting for us.


Luckily, many coffee breaks helped us to keep paying attention!


Although it wasn’t too hard to listen because our AEGEE Europe president Réka gave some of the workshops! In the evening, we had to rush to the hostel and get ready for another theme party: Superheroes. As a pre-party we went to a square where we had some drinks together with Greek students and later continued the party in a club.



After another short night, we tried to focus on topics like fundraising, HR, Agora preparation and SWOT analysis on Saturday. In the evening, it was time for the European Night, which everyone had been looking forward to from the beginning. Locals from 12 countries presented the best of their regions. It started with the “eurotrip”, which means that three guys “travelled from country to country” and tried all the specialties (which contained at least 12 different types of alcohol). When they were done, everyone else started to enjoy the diverse food and beverages. Afterwards, everyone felt like dancing, so we headed to a club in order to celebrate our last night together.



Unfortunately, the two of us had to leave early on Sunday morning, which made it impossible for us to join the closing part of the NWM. All in all, we spent great days with an amazing group of people in Thessaloniki and wouldn’t wanna miss this experience !!




by Svenja Schneider and Vanessa Kunze