Six people from AEGEE-Bamberg decided to participate in a special event organized by AEGEE-Passau: A Regional Training Course on Human Resources with the subject „Unleash Unknown Talents“.

The trip started on Thursday the 12th with a couple of icebreaking-games followed up by a tasty bavarian-style dinner from the lovely food team of AEGEE-Passau. (Leberkäse, Weißwürste & Obatzda) After a short visit to a students bar, everyone decided to get as much sleep as possible before the long weekend.


Our Friday started at 9 am with a workshop on HR basics, followed up by workshops on the HR cycle, the AEGEE-identity and was closed by a workshop on feedback culture.The workshops were filled with vivid discussions, group work and games, case studies on AEGEE-Antennas where we learned how to apply HR knowledge, energizers and coffee-breaks.

After dinner it was time for the European Night. The idea is to bring something typical for your local area which can be food or beverages. Let me quickly mention we had many participants from Eastern Europe (all in all about 25 participants), so there was no shortage on Vodka, Pálinka and many other liquors 🙂


Another side effect of the European Night was that we had enough data for our gossip box (Shoutout to Diego, the king of Gossip!)

As you can imagine the next morning was rough for some of the people, especially for some guys of AEGEE-Bamberg who unfortunately missed some early workshop content on Saturday morning. Nevertheless, Motivation, Teamwork and Conflict Management were the key words for Saturday regarding the workshops. Another feature of this day was a guest presentation by the HR Responsible from mymuesli which was really interesting.

Shoutout to the two awesome trainers Andrea and Svenja who managed to be always on time with their workshops, be open for feedback and to host the most professional event most of the people have ever been to.

Saturday night was taking you back a couple of years as we dressed up like people used to do in the early years of 2000 and went to a party which only played songs which were popular in that time. The lack of sleep could not restrict anyone on attending the last two workshop on Sunday: Knowledge Transfer and the „What´s next“ workshop. It was amazing to see how many people took a long trip to attend this event.
In any case this event was organized as professional as the workshops, additionally all the people were open minded which contributed a lot to making new friends, feeling welcome and also a perfect discussion atmosphere.
See you soon, Passau!!!
by David Beer