NNM Manchester 4.11.-7.11.16

Between the 4.11. and the 7.11. AEGEE-Manchester organized a Network Meeting with the topic Brexit. Twenty-five AEGEE members from all over Europe participated in this amazing event.

On the first evening we had a debate with three professors from the University of Manchester regarding the Brexit. They showed very clear how Brexit influences their daily lives and their work. All three of them were specialist on different fields and so we got a good overview about the situation after the Vote to Leave. After a short introduction we also discussed how the problem of “Anti-EU” and populism can be faced in the future.

In the end of the first evening we went to a beautiful hostel in the landscape near to Manchester. Here we started the workshops on the next days.


On the agenda there were topics like sharing best practice, EQAC, how to cooperate with the CD (board of AEGEE-Europe) and event management. During the workshops we did a lot of group works, which linked the theoretical part with the practical part. Besides, it was a great possibility to come up with new ideas and perhaps try to implement them in the own antenna.


Of course there were also the social part of this meeting. We had one party with the theme “James Bond” and the obligatory European Night with a lot of different food and drinks from all over Europe. While coffee breaks and dinner or lunch we discussed a lot about the Brexit and its different parts. Thanks to the variety of the participant we got a lot of different views on the whole topic.

Sadly, the days past very fast and on Monday we left the amazing house to get back to Manchester.

by Matthias Felder