Our trip to Russia began on Monday the 28 of November in which we spent some great days St. Petersburg. There we already met other participants of the NWM in Moscow and discovered together the city. Also, AEGEE Sankt-Petersburg organized a Social Meeting and get-together as they heard that there are people of the NWM who were in St. Petersburg already before.

On Thursday the 1st of December, we took a train to Moscow, after a quick check-in in our hostel we went together with other participants for a small city tour. In the evening, the opening ceremony started in which we also shared our expectations and fears of this Network Meeting. By the way, one fear, to die by freezing did not happen 😉 After some Icebreaking games, we continued with a dinner of AWESOME typical Russian food before we went together to a “Cowboy party”. After a long night and less sleep, we started the day on Friday morning with a lot of sessions and workshops about Strategic Plan and Action Agenda, Culture Interest Group, Team Work and Your Vision for EUrope. The workshops and sessions were highly interesting due to all participants were from totally different locations of Europe and many from eastern Europe. After another party night (AEGEE Moskva truly never sleeps!!!), we started again on Saturday morning with workshops and went afterwards all together to the Kremlin and enjoyed the breathtaking sites there. To heat up with hot drinks we went on a Christmas Fair in Moscow.

After we had some dinner in the city, we had time to prepare our local food and drinks to enjoy the European Night in the evening. This European Night was different than others, because participants didn’t present their home country but their Antennas, an idea which came up by Drink-Wise. After getting to know the different specialities until the early morning, we discussed the biggest outcome of this NWM: the culture and problems of eastern Europe, especially Access to this region and in turn. Therefore, we spontaneously created a great video in which we challenged everyone to deal with these issues. Afterwards, the official part of the NWM was finished with the closing ceremony. In the afternoon of this day, we went to another city tour which was also a lot of fun with totally happy people after this awesome event.

All in all, this NWM was highly successful, the organizers of AEGEE Moskva and all trainers as well as the participants did a great job. We had a good time and came back with many and good experiences and impressions.

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by Chris Seuling