What sounds better than four days in a lakehouse full of amazing people and numerous activities all day and night? Right, maybe an event organised by AEGEE? Well, what a lucky coincidence, that the recent Network Meeting in Aachen combined both!


On Thursday, us four members of AEGEE Bamberg, our fellow AEGEEan Cindy from Passau and not to forget Bambi, hit the road to get to Aachen. Packed with tons of motivation and an amount of Semmeln & Hörnla, that would make any Franconian mother proud, we reached the city after a five-hour drive.

An amazing opening ceremony inside the assembly hall of the famous RWTH Aachen was our first impression of the NWM. Making new contacts whilst sipping on your champagne and listening to several welcome speeches as well as a very interesting panel discussion about Brexit was a perfect introduction to the upcoming programme.


After arriving at our home until Sunday, the next days were fully content oriented. Exchange of local problems, case studies on activities for the new Focus Areas or social skill development through conflict solving were only some of the diverse programme in Aachen. That was not only very helpful to get new inspiration for our local work but also to understand the whole structure of AEGEE Europe better. Talking to people from European Bodies or members of the Comité Directeur, brings the function of their position closer to you and is also highly motivating regarding your possible AEGEE career path!


However, it’s of course the social events that bring people together and what could be more efficient in that term, than a Christmas party with some Glühwein and a good old European Night?


All in all, this Network Meeting was very beneficial for our antenna as well as great fun on a personal level. So, don’t miss out the next application period and be part of our future AEGEE trips 🙂

by Stefanie Dell