Exchange Bamberg-Milano 29.10-1.11.16

Fancy Fashion, Pizza, Pasta and happy Halloween – our exchange with AEGEE Milano 

As you go to Italy, which city you want to visit? Rome, Venice, Pisa? What about Milan? I already heard broad opinions about Milan, but as I was there, I can say it is an underestimated city. And yes, some of the clichés you heard about Milan are true.

It IS fancy there at some places. You can already see it when you walk down the streets and look at the people, how they dress. They know how to dress. Especially the old people! And it’s much about money there. The rents are expensive. Next to the old city, there is a bunch of skyscrapers. Many of our hosts work in the finance sector. This city is growing, expanding, pulsating, Diego, one of our AEGEE Milano ‘Tour guides’ (and former participant of our SU!) explained. You can see Smog in the horizon all the time, even in a sunny day like that it always looked a little bit foggy. I still think this city has kind of a lovely, incomparable charm. But let’s get back to the start.


As we arrived after our daylong trip, (which is highly recommendable to challenge by Flixbus to have that amazing view over South Tyrol!) we first went home to change from our cozy dresses to fancy. Most of our hosts didn’t live in the center– so when we got to know something intensely in these intense three days, then it was Milano’s public transportation system. But we could use the time to get to know our hosts better, for example to know some details of their love life.

In the evening, on our 30-minute-walk to the Pizza Place we could have a glance at the first sights by night, for example the Piazza del Duomo’ and the beautiful Navigli-District, where we also had pizza at a place named “Be Bop” – according to our Italian friends “one of the best pizza places in Milan!”. We felt like high society with our suits and dresses, sitting round a long table with about 20 people ordering one beer after another – NEVER vine with pizza! Something new we learned. After that, we still had cans of vine. Ha. Being full, pleased and a little tired we made up our way to the discotheque “Le Banque. It was again a 30-minute-walking tour (in comparison to Bamberg where everything is 15 minutes away), where we could see some sights and streets by night, and mix up a little bit with the group. As we came nearer to the club, the tiredness faded away and there was some excitement coming up. The streets were crowded – full of young people, music and life everywhere. Here are the lively Italian vibes!


In the club, it was again very different compared to Bamberg. The people were dressed ‘très chique’, the drinks were quite a dear price (15 euros for a cocktail and 6 for a shot!) but luckily we have our AEGEE family and could make a good deal. And something else which made us shit bricks: you must stand in a line for going to the men’s toilet. This is what you call gender equality.

At first we were a little too tired from our trip but after the beat caught us we all together ended up shakin’ our booties on the dancefloor and it was really hot! After a little dance battle and line dance session we decided to hit our ways home and sleep us fresh for the next exciting day.

Sunday, the following Day was really long. Our hosts gave us a guided Tour through all the city. There was pretty much to see, like so many interesting places and sights, you could never understand without the experience of a local.

For example, the hole in the floor of the gallery “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II” next to the Duomo. A Legend said, that if you turn your heel three times on the bottom of the bull painted on the floor, then you get good luck and you will return to Milano. The other impressing thing was the “cimitero Monumentale” where you can see graves of rich people you could never imagine. Also, the history of the provoking statue of the middlefinger from Maurizio Cattelan, which is placed in front of the stock exchange house “borsa ittaliana” as critic to capitalism was very interesting. Or the building, where you can whisper in one edge of the room to hear it loud in the other edge as with an acoustic booster. Tired from all that walking, we went for a cozy evening to the Roberto Cavalli Bar, where we had some delicious „aparetivos“ and obscenely expensive cocktails.


The last day was chill and we could also sleep a little bit more because we didn’t party that hard that night. We divided ourselves in two groups because we could not compromise where to go so the ones with „Wanderlust“ went to the Lago di Coma and the others stayed in Milan climbing up the Duomo. After our short daytrips we had a little time to dress up creepily and have some pizza (what else?) at the preparty at our new friend Cinzia’s flat. As you can see in the pictures, we took our costumes serious and had a plenty of fun in there.


But as we went to the club, it was not that funny anymore, because at the same time hundreds of people decided to go to the same club so we had some cuddle time with foreign Italian people. We decided to skip the party and have some afterparty at Luca’s which was still funny and we could sober up a little bit to have a good 3-hour-sleep to go to the bus back to Bamberg.

On the road back we laughed a lot about all these pictures which came out from this short but funny and informational trip and were sad that we had to leave the lovely Milano-People behind. Still we hope we can welcome all of them (you!) in Bamberg soon.

Thanks to our hosts Matteo, Davide and Luca to make that stay in Milano pretty pleasant and all the others like Leonardo, Diego, Cinzia, Stefania, Francesca, Chiara and all the others I forgot for accompanying and having so much patience with us. 😉

See you somewhere in Europe!

by Julia Jesser