Nijmegen Reexchange 7th-10th Dec

Incoming part of the exchange with AEGEE-Nijmegen 😉

Visit by AEGEE-Groningen 24th-26th Nov

We have been the target of a hitchhiking competition by AEGEE-Groningen. An invasion of more than 20 dutchies haunted us. It was nice to show them some franconian culture. See you next time in June! Challenge exepted to beat the time of 4,5h travelling by hitch hiking to Groningen!

LTC „Europe: United in diversity“ 10th-12th Nov

AEGEE-Bamberg and AEGEE Erfurt spent a amazing weekend together in Kleineibstadt full with nice people, nice workshops and countless nice moments! Old and new members got to know each other, so Bamfurt.

Autumn NWM Alicante 2nd-5th Nov

#Bambi around the magical world: On the mission to share magically best practices the PR-Responsible of AEGEE-Bamberg was hitting the road to Alicante school of witchcraft and wizardry to become one of the best wizards!

Autmn Agora Catania September

TSU: Fantastic Beers and where to find them

LTC: Summersemester with AEGEE-Erfurt

Changing Europe – Day of Science in Bamberg June

AEGEE-Bamberg have been invited to the Day of Science, read more about the panel discussions and the experiences of our delegates.

A-Bamberg goes Nijmegen May

On the beginning of May 2017 something remarkable took place, 18 cute and little bambis visited the amazing people of AEGEE-Nijmegen. What made this event even more amazing, was the fact, that also 3 roaring lionesses from Italy joined the exchange. Sadly, the dinosaurs couldn´t make the way to this beautiful place.

NWM Thessaloniki April

Our trip started in Bamberg at 4 am. After ten hours of travelling by car, train, plane and eventually bus, we finally arrived in Thessaloniki.
Since we couldn’t see much of the city on our way to the hostel (and as it turned out neither at any other time during the NWM), we were glad to do a city tour right at the beginning.

NWM Bamberg „We’ll be Royals“ April