Where the f*** is Chisinau? This was the first question, that came in into my mind, as I heard that the Autumn Agora 2016 will take place there. Well just to give you a short introduction, it´s the capital of Moldova and has about 700.000 inhabitants.
Me and three other members of AGEEE-Bamberg took the possibility to participate in this Agora and visit this beautiful city. First of all, the Agora is the main meeting of AEGEE-Europe that take place two times each year. There is on in the spring and one in the autumn.

Never forget to look fancy!

The best way to reach Chisinau starting from Bamberg is to take a plain, because by car it would be 1743 km to drive which would mean a 20h roadtrip. We arrived in Chisinau on the 11th of October, one day before the Agora started so we were able to discover a little bit of the city center of Chisinau. Even though it was raining the whole day, we got some nice impressions of the capital. Unfortunately this was the only possibility for us to discover this not well-known country, because three of us were delegate at his Agora an one was helping to organize the event.

Place to sleep. Well – it’s something you get used to.

So on the 12th the Agora started and there was a lot of stuff to talk, discuss and vote about, like the focus areas that AEGEE will focus on during the term from 2017-2020 or members of different European bodies of AEGEE. But of course there were also a bright party program at the night. So actually we all get very less sleep which is always part of an AEGEE event, but also learned a lot about AEGEE. And the very best thing is, that we met so many amazing and beautiful people from all over Europe, which shows us and encourage us to keep on going with our AEGEE work or perhaps put even more passion into it.
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And finally here is the official aftermovie of this amazing event:

by Matthias Felder