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Some call it Europe – we call it home.

Welcome to AEGEE-Bamberg!

Dear enthusiasts, international and national students,

We are glad that you came here! We are some young motivated people on the mission to get Europe closer together by offering activities for the Erasmus students in Bamberg, workshops for our members or travelling together.

Curious? We invite you to inform yourself on our website. Among others, you can get a lot of information about AEGEE-Europe, what’re our current projects/events, local activities and who we are.

You still can’t get enough or have questions?

We meet weekly on Mondays. Due to the pandemic our meetings are currently held online, but can still join and get to know us whenever you want! Send us an email to hr.aegee.bamberg@gmail.com or check out our social media sites to get the access link.

We will announce every event and our actions via our Instagram and Facebook-page. Like us and stay up to date.

Yours, Bambis ♥

Update: 25.03.21

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